Belfield Warehouse, Mixing, Offices and Lab

Belfield Warehouse Located in western North Dakota our Belfield warehouse and liquid mixing facilities are located on 3.25 acres. Our rapidly expanding staff of Managers, sales staff warehousemen and mud engineers are handling work from a growing number of operators.Equipment

Technical support is provided by our satellite lab in Belfield along with our Bakersfield Lab with rapid response and top administration oversight. Being a regional mud company with a high degree of technical sophistication provides customers with timely assistance.

Storage TankIn 2004, we moved from Dickinson, North Dakota, where we had leased a warehouse, to a larger facility in Belfield, North Dakota forstorage of oil based mud (invert) and to house our materials. This is the location of our liquid mud plant. This new facility has a railroad spur allowing direct delivery of materials by the carload. In 2006 we purchased this facility.

We now have an Area Operations Manager and an Area Sales Manager living in Sidney, Montana. We have a number of mud engineers, most all of whom were hired locally and trained in our in-house mud school. We have an excellent local staff that is well liked by all of our customers. By early 2010 GEO Drilling Fluids, Inc. had done over 500 wells in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Offices attached to the warehouse provide work spaces for the sales and operational staff. In addition, there is a meeting room and a laboratory.