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Photo: Jim Clifford Jim Clifford
Photo: Tom Needham Tom Needham
Vice President - Operations
Photo: Don Boulet Don Boulet
Operations Manager - Northern California
Photo: Tim New Tim New
Operations Manager - Eastern Rockies
Photo: Brad Bush Brad Bush
Operations Manager - El Centro/Brawley
Photo: Travis Adams Travis Adams
Sales Manager
Email: travis@geodf.com
Photo: Bob Dailey Bob Dailey
Sales Manager - Eastern Rockies
Photo: Trace Moreno Trace Moreno
Photo: Kevin Helms Kevin Helms
Technical Manager/Safey Officer

Jim Clifford

President of GEO Drilling Fluids, Inc.

Jim has 38 years of industry experience including 33 years direct drilling fluids experience. He has managed and supervised oil, gas and geothermal operations in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Michigan. Among numerous other accomplishments he designed and managed the drilling fluids program for the deepest well ever drilled in California, he designed and managed the first successful true closed loop (“dewatering while drilling”) drilling mud reclamation system, pioneered the first use of low toxicity OBM in California, and designed and supervised the successful 17.5 ppg kill fluids, for the deepest relief and intercept well (>17,000’) in the United States at the time.

Tom Needham

Vice President - Operations

Tom has 35 years of drilling fluid experience as a Mud Engineer, Field Supervisor, Regional Manager and Overall Operations manager. He has had a wide variety of deep, high pressure, high temperature experiences. His international experience includes Northern Italy, the North Sea and the Adriatic Sea. Tom came to California where he worked as a senior mud engineer on some of the most challenging wells in the state.

He then went to work for GEO Drilling Fluids in 1985 as a mud engineer, became Area Manager in 1989, and Vice President of Operations in 1992. Tom currently supervises over forty field engineers, researches and writes mud programs, and provides on site contact with customers on a regular basis.Tom has overseen the introduction of GEO’s KlayCon, low pH mud system, and a third generation water base fluid called PolyTeK+.


Don Boulet

Operations Manager - Northern California

Travis Adams
Sales Manager

My journey in Bakersfield started in 1989 after leaving the Imperial Valley. I grew up in Holtville, Ca., just east of El Centro. After moving to Bakersfield I attended North High School from 1990-1994. During my four years at North High I participated in football and soccer, but golf was my passion. I played golf all four years of high school, which led me to attend Bakersfield College and pursue golf further. (My father introduced me to golf at a very young age and golf continues to be an important part of my life). After B.C., I continued my education at San Diego State Univ. finishing with a degree in Business Administration.

Upon moving back to Bakersfield I worked at two country clubs here in town before going to work with GEO Drilling Fluids. My first stop was Seven Oaks Country Club where I waited tables and managed banquets. These positions taught me how to handle many different personalities in a professional manner. This has been extremely helpful out at the rig and in the offices of our customers. After working at Seven Oaks I went to Stockdale C. C. to be an assistant golf pro thinking this would be a good fit considering my golfing background. I realized working on the golf side of the country club actually meant less golf. I then accepted a position as food and beverage manager for Stockdale C.C. This position required daily and monthly inventories of food and beverages, scheduling staff, controlling monthly labor costs and event scheduling. All of these skills I use as a mud engineer in my daily activities from scheduling loads to be delivered to controlling well costs, scheduling tour treatments, and dealing with the different personalities we encounter. Also, dealing with last minute changes and staying calm under pressure are very important to both industries. Sometimes getting along with all parties involved out at the rig isn’t easy but extremely important.

Moving into the Oil and Gas industry was a great move. Over the last seven years I have run mud throughout California from Brawley to Grimes working for many of the operators in California. I moved into the office at the beginning of 2009 and have been handling regional sales since. 

Kevin Helms

Technical Manager/Safety Officer


Brad Bush

Operations Manager - El Centro/Brawley

I was born and grew up in beautiful Lander, Wyoming. After graduating high school there, I moved on to finish two years at the University of Wyoming, Laramie. In the summer after my second year of college, I got a job on the first rig I had ever seen (a workover rig). When I realized the money to be made — I went with the money and passed on the education. On Oct. 20th that same year, the temperature dropped to 12 degrees below zero, which prompted me to move on to an oilfield supply company, where I stayed for the next seven years. With them I managed stores in Dickinson, North Dakota and Gillette, Wyoming.

When the oilfield crashed in the early 80s, I ended up selling drill bits to what was left of the oilfield in Wyoming and also to waterwell drillers. After three years of lean times, I was offered the opportunity to go "roughnecking" again on a Geothermal project in Heber, Calif. That job took me to other Geothermal projects, mostly in California. I drilled on a rig in the Imperial Valley (Calif.) for 10 years, where I still reside with my wife, Joan. We have two grown children and two grandchildren.

I started my career with GEO in July of 2000. I’ve worked on Geothermal projects in the Imperial Valley, Coso Junction, Mammoth Lakes, and various places in Nevada. I’ve also worked oil and gas wells in California and Wyoming.

With our increased participation in the Geothermal industry I was asked to help out with sales and managing the growing number of Geothermal accounts. At the present time, we are staying very active with rigs in California and Nevada.

GEO has been a great company to work for and I’m very thankful for all the people that I’ve had the pleasure of working with and I am looking forward to working with a lot more of you in the future.

Bob Dailey

Sales Manager - Eastern Rockies

I grew up in South America where my father was an executive for Exxon. I went to elementary school in Bogotá, Colombia where I first became interested in the oilfields. I flew over the Andes mountains with my dad to a drilling rig in the Llanos (South American plains). We landed on a dirt airstrip and took a 10 mile jeep ride into the mountains. I remember that they delivered meals to the Roughnecks on the rig floor in metal buckets. Times have sure changed since then.

We moved to Caracas, Venezuela where I graduated from high school at Colegio Internacional de Caracas in 1976. It shocks people that this Irish guy speaks fluent Spanish.

I attended the University of Houston for 2 years and then in 1978 attended mud school with IMCO Services. (A division of Halliburton back then, today the I in M-I). I broke out as a Mudman in Tyler, Texas running mostly Low Solids Non-Dispersed (LSND) muds and Lignosulfonate systems.

My son Scott was born in Tyler in 1980. The oilfields slowed down in 1983 so I went to Louisiana Tech and received a B.S. in Marketing in 1985.

After college the oilfield was still not hiring so I moved to Florida and sold everything from copiers to underground utilities (fire hydrants, pipe, etc.). It was good training in cold calling and dealing with customers. Still wanting to get back in the "Patch" I went to work for Delta Gulf Pipeline Co. We constructed 36" gas lines for Tennessee Gas in New England.

In 1996 I moved to Bakersfield and began a career with GEO Drilling Fluids. I immediately fell in love with GEO and my second wife, Marian, whom I met two weeks after arriving. We have been married 12 years and I gained 2 more kids, Justin and Angel.

In California, I worked the Fillmore area, Calipatria (Geothermal), and the Lost Hills deep exploration projects. The Lost Hills work was all oil based fluids.

In 2003 Tim New and I started up the Rocky Mountain Operations for GEO Drilling Fluids in North Dakota and Montana. I moved here with my wife in 2005 after two years of commuting. I live in Sidney, a small town on the Yellowstone river in Eastern Montana. I don't get out in the field much anymore. Denver, Texas, and Oklahoma are my new "Rigs". I am the Rocky Mountain Sales Manager and spend most of my time calling on operators.

Today we have 12 rigs drilling the Bakken Shale formation with Invert (GEO’s PetroDrill oil base) muds. The winters are long and cold but the summers are great. We have hired a great group of Mud Engineers and our success here is a result of their hard work.

My family continues to grow with six grandkids and one more on the way. I plan to spend the rest of my working days with GEO and retire in the warm south on our family farm in Louisiana.

Tim New

Operations Manager - Eastern Rockies


Trace Moreno
Regional Sales