Volume XVIII, Number 1 (410.32kb)
-New Technology
-Introducing Ryan and Trace
-Oilfield Water Treatment
-Fiberglass Tubing
Volume 17, number 5 (1418.60kb)
Gas To Liquid
PetroDrill Cuttings Dryer
~ND Case Study
Flocculation Pilot Testing
Volume 17, number 4 (1388.58kb)
Marcellus Shale
Safety Everywhere
Can I Interest You in Another Piece of Monterey?
Logging For Fun

Volume 17, Number 3 (1450.05kb)
~Response Required!
Where Does the Calcium Come From?
But I've Never Had an Accident (Incident)!
New Ideas
LWD with RFT Capability
Hydraulic Fracturing or...?
Heavy Oil EOR
Oil Price vs. Cost of Production
Volume 17 Number 2 (1676.73kb)
Wireless Seismic
Parking Lot Safety
    ~Safety Alert
"My First Day On The Job"
    ~by Andy Philips
Shale Fracturing
Near Miss Reporting
Volume 17 Number 1 (2.72mb)
What Is Niobrara?
Monterery Shale
Mud Man's Corner
~ Long Beach History
Guar Gum
The Rest of the World
Volume 16 Number 1 (2.31mb)
Safety Alert
    ~Communication & Parking
Neutralization of Hydrochloric Acid
Extending Horizontal Drilling Reach
Sweeps in High Angle Wells
Retort Maintenance

Volume 16 Number 2 (1506.04kb)
Mud Engineering 1944
Mud Formulation
Safety Alert
   ~Passport Certificate Update Annually
   ~Water Consumption
   ~FRC-Fire Resistant Clothing
   ~Letter-Response Required
GEO Mud Report Program Update
Volume 16 Number 3 (950.43kb)
The Great Relief Day
Safety Alert
    ~Fleet Safety
Mud Man's Corner
    ~Barite Loss Over the Mud Cleaner
    ~Warehouse Etiquette
    ~Specialty Products
Holly Offshore Drilling
Mud Report Remarks

Volume 16 Number 4 (2009.72kb)
Valley of Oil-History Published by IPAA & Oildale News
Safety Alert
    ~Survey Mailer
    ~Accident Reporting
Mud Man's Corner
    ~Near Miss
    ~Retort Etiquette
    ~Steel Wool
    ~Mud Cleaner Losing Barite
    ~North Dakota Dewatering
Thermal Expansion
Volume 16 Number 5 (1815.38kb)
Peak Oil & Other News
"So You Want To Be An Engineer" by Andy Philips
Oil Price In Kern County
Safety Alert
    ~Safety Terms
    ~Fire Extinguisher Training
    ~First Move Forward (Response Required)
Volume 16 Number 6 (4.03mb)
Offshore Drilling Part II
Holiday Safety
Mud Man's Corner
    ~Mud balance calibrations
    ~Enhanced Oil Recover
    ~ppm vs mg/l
Volume 16 Number 7 (929.38kb) Nanoparticles
Steam vs. Electricity
Mud Man's Corner
    ~Mud School V
Safety Alert
    ~Driving Safety
Volume 15 Number 1 (1478.86kb)
Excerpt from "Introduction to Drilling Fluids Technology" by A. Philips
Safety Alert- Who are you working for?
Billing Alert
Double-Shoulder Drill Pipe Connection
Planet Green's "Boomtown"

Volume 15 Number 2 (614.57kb)
Safety Alert-Sun Protection
Biggest Bit
Extended Reach 7 Miles
Williston Basin
Herschel-Bulkley Hydraulics Calculation
Volume 15 Number 3 (383.47kb)
Next Generation
    Travis Adams
    Kevin Helms
    Chuck Cartwright
Safety Alert-Yield to Big and Small
Mud Report
Volume 14 Number 1 (333.80kb)
Why are the Hawaiin Islands a Chain?
Driving Hazards
Mud Man's Corner: The Right Answer, Paperwork Reminder, BHA on the Electronic Mud Report, Using Salt Water for Density, Stuck Pipe, Safety Awards, Printing to PDF
Volume 14 Number 2 (189.70kb)
Laser Drilling: Are we there yet?
Accident Prevention
Mud Man's Corner: Driving and Eyewear, SICP vs SIDPP, Winter Driving
Sales Dept. Welcomes Travis Adams

Volume 14 Number 3 (492.51kb)
The Empower Chair
What You Don't Say Can Really Hurt
Your ECD is Wrong
Mud Man's Corner: Production Record, Wear a Hat
Bob Dailey, Rockies Sales
New Bits Shine in the Shales

Volume 14 Number 4 (490.03kb)
Geothermal Energy Production and Drilling
Mud Man's Corner: Safety Alert, Heat Illness Prevention
Well Control Disasters
Free Money: Geothermal Scholarships, Application
Volume 14 Number 5 (744.32kb)
Macondo No. 1 and other Blowouts
A Culture of Safety
Drilling in a Sand Dune
Brad Bush, Geothermal Operations
Volume 14 Number 6 (1438.02kb)
Texting While Driving
Volcanic Plumes Revisited/Plate Tectonics
Mudman's Corner-Delivery Tickets and Pricing
Phosphoric Acid vs. Citric Acid
Geyser's Water Injection
Volume 14 Number 7 (5.06mb)
California Geology
Tule Fog or Snow & Ice-Safety Alert
Tim New Eastern Rocky Mountain Operations Manager- Biography
Oil History-Timeline
Mark Sturn-Former GEO Employee
Volume 14 Number 8 (1419.58kb)
(ERD) Extended Reach Drilling - Aluminum Drill Pipe
Tyler Formation-New North Dakota Shale
Mudman's Corner-Legal Description, Brakes, and Towing Trailers
Calcium Properties
Kern River Field History
Health Alert-Hantavirus
Volume 13 Number 1 (346.65kb)
Philosophical Musings
Situational Awareness-Feedback and More
Mud Man's Corner- Mud Report, Drug Testing, VG Meter
Sacramento County Gas Well
Volume 13 Number 2 (427.25kb)
44,240 Barrels Per Day
Weighted Sweep
Rock Softener
Swell Packers
Mud Man's Corner- Barite Calculations, Rathole Coverage, Forklift Operation
Volume 13 Number 3 (525.83kb)
Branding Oil Base Mud - PetroDrill
Influenza and Other Personal Health Issues
Lost Circulation Material Testing
Volume 13 Number 4 (584.38kb)
Continuing Education
Corrosion:Causes and Control
Volume 13 Number 5 (328.65kb)
LP-701 Sweeps: A Thick Myth
Lifting & Snakes
Hole Cleaning
Volume 13 Number 6 (424.23kb)
Graduate Mud School
Underbalanced (UBD)
Stop Work Authority
Volume 13 Number 7 (562.07kb)
Placement of Jars
H2S Poisonous Gas
Mud Man's Corner: Paperwork, Mud Report 7.5.2
What's the Answer
Organophillic Clay Viscosity
H1N1 Swine Flu
Volume 12 Number 1 (476.46kb)
They Called Me Big'N
Job Safety Planning
Swellable Elastomers
Fishing for Drillpipe in the BOPE
Volume 12 Number 2 (271.02kb)
Cell Phone While Driving
Oil Based Mud Testing
Volume 12 Number 3 (472.72kb)
Running Out of Oil
Sexual Harrasment
CO2 Tertiary Oil Recovery
Mud Man's Corner: Mud Balance, Mud Report, Fann 34 A VG Meter
Flow Rate Calculation
Volume 12 Number 4 (339.74kb)
Industrial Minerals Recycling Program
Seismic Exploration
Mud Man's Corner: Plows for Mud, Travel Trailer Safety, Inspection, Pilot Testing, Phenolphthaylene for Cement Drillout
Volume 12 Number 5 (519.06kb)
The "Drake" Well
Situational Awareness
Mud Man's Corner: Printers, Vehicle Maintenance, SDIC, Product Identification, Computer
Volume 11 Number 1 (368.85kb)
Mud School Refresher
Safety Issues- Sleep and Heat
Salt Origin without Evaporation Proposed
Working in Summer Heat
Volume 11 Number 2 (480.30kb)
Deepest Hole in the World
Ultra Low Shear Rate Viscosity
Direct Reading Rotational Visometers
Building People
Carbon Dioxide and Drilling
Volume 11 Number 3 (719.76kb)
Rotary Drilling
No Brainer
Base Meridian Map
Sand Traps Through the Years
Volume 11 Number 4 (197.60kb)
Safety Alert Schedule
Geo Mud Alert
Equipment Recall
Demonizing our Enemies
Volume 11 Number 5 (256.24kb)
Urban Legend?
Earthquakes and Other Disasters
New Lab Equipment
Clarizan vs. Geozan
Volume 11 Number 6 (5.08mb)
Expect the Unexpected
Why is the Barrel bbl?
Cool Geothermal
Volume 10 Number 1 (339.82kb)
Bread Cast Upon the Waters
Safety Glasses
VG Meter Relaxation
Thomas Jefferson Rules of Living
Acceptable Drilled Solids
Mud Retort
Use of Company Vehicles
Volume 10 Number 2 (265.55kb) Early Oil in California
Oil Base Mud
GEO Website
New Shaker Screen Designation
Volume 10 Number 3 (151.79kb)
Oil History of the Rockies
Mass, Density, Thermodynamics, and Normality
Volume 10 Number 4 (1045.53kb)
Drillstring Telemetry
CO2 Wedgie
Mud Report v. 7.2.6
Mud Testing Equipment
Expandable Casing & Liner
Volume 10 Number 5 (2.40mb)
Lake Peigneur Disaster
Lift Like Your Back Depended On It
Mud Technology
Model 900 Features
Volume 10 Number 6 (285.66kb)
Mud School
Material Safey Data Sheets
Heavy Oil Procedures
Hydrostatic Loss Caused by Gas-Cut Mud
Volume 10 Number 7 (421.12kb)
Never Give Up
Wild When Wet
From Trees to Weeds
Volume 9 Number 1 (278.97kb)
Unplanned Events
The Nature of Clays
History of Kern River Field
Volume 9 Number 2 (288.02kb)
Defensive Driving
Hazard Report by Kevin Helms
Non-aqueous Drilling Fluids
Volume 9 Number 3 (534.81kb)
Uninterruptible Barite Supply
Smoking Lime
Continuous Circulation
Liquid Waste Reduction
Barite Sag
Moving Vehicle Accidents (MVA's)
Volume 9 Number 4 (356.85kb)
Mayonnaise Jar and Coffee
Safety Communication
Winter is Coming
Employee Empowerment
Lock Out / Tag Out
Computer Files
Lost Circulation Research
Tule Fog
Doodles from Deb
Volume 9 Number 5 (496.37kb)
Decision Making in the Presence of Ethical Dilemmas
Lost Circulation
Taking Care of the Warehouse
Mud Report 7.2.0
Some Common Sizes of Particles
Volume 8 Number 1 (337.38kb)
Well Completion Report
Material Safety Data Sheets
Wiley #8
Lost Circulation
Volume 8 Number 2 (320.10kb)
Accident Report
Do Not Read Unless Over 40
Methylene Blue Test
Underbalanced Drilling
Cuisinart Comparisons
English Class
An Old Employee Turns 30
Volume 8 Number 3 (389.01kb)
April Fools Day
Protect Your Hearing
Xanthan Polymers
Use Your Powers of Observation
Mixing Salts
Volume 8 Number 4 (333.56kb)
Acid Mud pH
Why Safety Belts
Other World Oil
Tail Feathers
Computer Courtesy
Effect on Annular Volume of 5% and 10% Washout
Volume 8 Number 5 (287.05kb)
Heat Stress
Xanthan Polymers
Skin Damage From Oil Based Mud.
Corrosion in Salt Water
Volume 8 Number 6 (292.25kb)
Cyclorama (continued)
Choose Courtesy
Volume 8 Number 7 (444.33kb)
As One of Only Two Brands to be Marketed in all 50 States, Why 66?
Hardness Titration
The Wrong Kinds of Questions
Managed Pressure Drilling
Terry St. Onge (1933-2004)
Volume 8 Number 8 (614.81kb)
How to Find Oil and Gas
Seasonal Hazards
CFR - Catalyzed Friction Reducer
How Fast is Too Fast?
Volume 7 Number 1 (354.60kb)
Pico Drillsite
Chloride Titration
Molar Mass of an Element and Avogadro's Number
Rack and Pinion, the Future of the Oil Fields?
What is a Drill-In Fluid?
Volume 7 Number 2 (440.39kb)
Plate Tectonics and Mountain Building
Winter Weather Safety Hazards
GEO Stop Loss
Computer Use
Volume 7 Number 3 (356.19kb)
Spring Pole Drilling
Stop Loss Blending
Chevy Truck Drivers
Mud Performance Optimization
Key Seat and Stuck Pipe
Volume 7 Number 4 (436.25kb)
History of Drilling
Pickup Truck Driving Safety
A Replacement for Desco?
What's the Answer?
Volume 7 Number 5 (362.96kb)
Relief Well Drilling Techniques
Mud Pit Sampling
Carbon-Fiber Drill Pipe Passes Test
New Resources
Camcorder Goes Fishing
Volume 7 Number 6 (305.85kb)
Boston's Trinity Church Begins Renovations With Drilling Of Geothermal Wells
The Use and Misuse of Centrifuges
MUL THIK Organophillic Clay
Volume 7 Number 7 (645.40kb)
How Much is a Barrel of Petroleum?
Why Do I Have To Do This Meaningless Paperwork?
New Technique to Combat Lost Circulation
The Doctrine of Negligent Entrustment
Section, Township, and Range
Mud Sample Labeling
Natural Gas Hydrates
Road Rage
Volume 7 Number 7 Map (12.64mb)
Base Meridian Map
Volume 7 Number 8 (301.93kb)
Deepest Well In California
Salt Water Safety
New Technology
Printer Speed.
Remember December
Cable Tools
Volume 6 Number 1 (368.43kb)
The Road Not Taken
New Mud Pump Increases Capacity, Minimizes Vibration
Think About This One! (Monkeys)
Volume 6 Number 2 (183.07kb)
West Virginia Early Oil Field History
Engineering Guidelines, Material Management
Calcium Chloride Safety
Two Centuries Meet
Volume 6 Number 3 (607.93kb)
Ventura Avenue
Near Miss
Slag Mud (Universal Fluids)
Printer Safety Recall
Drilling Fluid Rheology
Osmonics Filtration Spectrum
Volume 6 Number 4 (280.87kb)
Computer Users
GEO Expanding
Snubbing and Stripping
Ethics in the Workplace
Volume 6 Number 5 (182.66kb)
Drilling for Water on Mars
Driving Safety, Insurance, Safety Incentive
Cement Bond Logs
Bit Hydraulics Optimization
Volume 6 Number 6 (380.00kb)
Electronic Well Logging
School In Session
Real Time MWD with Fiber Optics
Treating Out Contaminants
Real Time Borehole Seismic
The Last Step
Volume 6 Number 7 (799.47kb)
Cuttings Transport
Lifting Safely
Prospecting with Rotary Equipment in 1928
Volume 5 Number 1 (291.92kb)
Web Site Launched
Comments on Safety Alerts
Deepest Well Data
Loss-gain Phenomenon
Forward from AERA Safety Dept.
Alkalinity Calculation Table
Picture an Oil Well
Volume 5 Number 2 (124.18kb)
Comments On Safety Alerts
What is Valley Fever?
Mud Report Accuracy
What is PPM?
Volume 5 Number 3 (208.44kb)
Gas Migration Rates
Hazmat and Code of Safe Practices
NFPA Label
Barite Sag. Ultralow-Shear-Rate Viscosity, Static and Dynamic Barite Sag
Hard to Drill Bitumen Well
Volume 5 Number 4 (192.19kb)
Oil Base Mud vs. Water Base Mud for HTHP
"Feast of Clay" Day
"n" and "K"
Volume 5 Number 5 (167.08kb)
pH Meters, Principles and Care
Job Planning Safety Checklist
Cement Additives, Sugar, CaCl2, and NaCl
Volume 5 Number 6 (264.89kb)
Extra Equipment
Carry a Camera
Mobile Phone Safety
To K or not to K, that is the question
Oil, Our Untapped Energy Wealth
Volume 4 Number 1 (227.42kb)
Getting Less Than 6 Hours Sleep Risky
Mud School Gears Up for Boom
Automated Straight Hole Drilling
Casing Conveyed Perforating Guns Canada
Casing While Drilling
Take the Food and Nutrition Quiz
Pond Sealing Brochure
Volume 4 Number 2 (318.90kb)
Rotary Drilling
Formation Evaluation
Screen Mesh Sizes
Safety Communication Responses
Computer Files- Zip, Save & d-Base IV
Volume 4 Number 3 (294.32kb)
House Keeping an Important 1st Step
Safety Communication Responses
Eye, Ear and Head Protection
Variables That Affect Cement Plug Stability
Oil Mines of Kern County
Volume 4 Number 4 (912.13kb)
A Message to Garcia
Industrial Dermatitis
New Downhole Tool Extends Coiled Tubing Reach
Volume 4 Number 5 (239.36kb)
Horizontal Tripping Practices
Marsh Funnel Viscosity
New Phone List
New Chloride Charts
Dynamic Fluid Loss Testing
Volume 4 Number 6 (233.41kb)
Universal Fluid aka Slag Mud
Pickup Trucks Hauling Chemicals
Carrying Capacity of a Drilling Fluid
Fraction Conversion Table
Tank Volume for Partially Filled Horizontal Tanks
Volume 3 Number 1 (242.47kb)
IMCO Sacramento Mill
805 Is Now 661
Density of Barite
Multilateral Technology
Multilateral Classification System
Flexible Anti-vibration Bit
Shock sub Performance Tests
Common Back Problems
Volume 3 Number 2 (318.88kb)
Trenchless Pipelines
MSDS Safety Communications
Wellbore Stability Based on Energy
Bit Balling and PDC Bits
PDC Bit Performance in Deep Shale
Volume 3 Number 3 (146.96kb)
Drilling Optimization If It Ain't Broke Fix It
Oil Prices Historical Perspective
Oil Company Report Card
The Burning Question
1860 Oil Mine
Hydropulses Increase Drilling Penetration Rates
Volume 3 Number 4 (409.98kb)
IMCO's 1st Spring Fling
Safety Hanta Virus
Don't Be A Hero
HWDP Sizes
Water Shut Off In 1921
Volume 3 Number 5 (154.86kb)
The Sinking City (Subsidence)
PDC Bit Technology
Some Common (and not so common) Definitions
Organophillic Clays and Oil Base Mud
The Deepest Well in the World
Volume 3 Number 6 (229.79kb)
IMCO Raymond Mills
Circulate and Weight Well Control Method
On the Care and Feeding of VG Meters
Message from the President
Volume 3 Number 7 (267.11kb)
Safety (Driving)
Wire Line Retrieval Coring Technology Shows Promise
What does a Bit Look Like?
Please Read What You Write!
Is the Mud Cleaner Throwing Away All My Barite?
Volume 2 Number 1 (63.32kb)
Electronic Mud Report
Microbial Activity Effects Production
Formation Integrity Testing
Temp & Pressure Effect Rheology
Xanvis and XCD and Cement
Volume 2 Number 2 (78.77kb)
Safety and MSDS
New Price List
Lost Circulation
Dual Density Mud
Michigan Heavy Mud
Chloride Charts
Volume 2 Number 3 (128.20kb)
Safety responses
Cement Drillout
Product List, Uses, Comparable Products
Volume 2 Number 4 (74.09kb)
Extreme Density Mud (Don Boulet)
Safety MSDS and Chemicals
Casing Modeling
Pressure While Drilling
Mud Equipment Inventory
Volume 2 Number 5 (74.09kb)
Driving While Drowsy
Critical Velocity Explained
Anticipating the Unexpected
Volume 2 Number 6 (113.53kb)
Rookie Mud Engineer
Summer Safety Alert
Reduced Clearance Casing Programs
Bit Balling and Penetration Rates
Laser Drilling
PDC Bit Hydraulics
Volume 2 Number 7 (200.25kb)
Revolutionary Thinner (Acid)
IIPP Safety Considerations
Cement Treatment
Differential Sticking
Volume 2 Number 8 (208.91kb)
Deflocculation vs. Dispersion
HEC Precipitation at High Temperature
Calcium Solubility
Hole Cleaning in Horizontal Wells
Dish Washing Tips
Extended Reach Composite Materials Drillpipe
Accident Prevention (autos and trucks)
Sleepiness While Driving
Volume 1 Number 1 (39.77kb)
News Letter Introduction
Filter Press Safety
Cutting Transport
H-Break 100
SDIC for Xanvis
Volume 1 Number 2 (58.25kb)
LD-8 Defoamer
Packer Fluids
Shaker Screen Size
HEC/XCD/Xanvis Breakers
Volume 1 Number 3 (129.53kb)
Lateral Jet PDC
Drill In Fluids for Horizontal Wells
Hydraulic Wellbore Erosion
Tractor Pulled Logging Tools
Inhibition of Various Brines
Shaker Screens and CFR
Volume 1 Number 4 (56.84kb)
What is a Drill-In Fluid?
Volume 1 Number 5 (140.24kb)
Slate Weight for Abandonment
Graphic for the Newsletter
SDIC Update
Clay Chemistry
Ashes in the Wind (Bentonite)
What is Good Clay?
Bentonite is Best Viscosifier
Brine and Clay Stabilizer Selection
Cuttings Transport
Volume 1 Number 6 (82.37kb)
SAG-D and Vapex Process
Cold Production of Heavy Oil
Stress Effects Horizontal Success
Explosive Pipe Recovery Method
pH Effect on CFR
Cement Effect on Desco